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Press Release / Publicity - Wild Willy Barrett’s French Connection


From a cafe in Paris, via a hoolie in Dublin, to a night out in New Orleans with rip-roaring fiddle and banjo – this band does it all! 


The group has just finished recording their latest album, ‘Avant-Garde Mange Tout’, with fabulous French singer Aurora Colson.


Known for her heartrending performances of French Chansons and her wide jazz repertoire, Aurora is really spreading her wings with the wide variety of styles these unusual and original musicians bring to the table.  From Bluegrass to acoustic blues, with haunting Irish melodies and a touch of Piaf thrown into the mix, the result is captivating.


At the heart of the ensemble are the indisputable talents of multi-instrumentalist Wild Willy Barrett, cellist Mary Holland and Irish pipes and whistle player John Devine, whose outstanding musicianship was recently rewarded by an invitation to play in the presence of The Queen at Buckingham Palace.


As John says, he was lucky to be able to take up the Royal invitation after nearly losing his historical, priceless and irreplaceable set of pipes, which had to be dramatically rescued when the boat on which he was living with his family sank in 2009.


“I ran to the boat to find the case completely submerged. The pipes were left to dry gradually for almost 2 months in the hope that once re-assembled everything would be fine, but unfortunately that wasn't the case. Extensive repairs had to be undertaken and they have only been fully restored to their former glory in the last 2 years.”


Notwithstanding the near disaster, the group have gone from strength to strength, their innovative arrangements beautifully performed on instruments including the guitar, cello, fiddle, banjo and, of course, John’s wonderfully restored uilleann pipes.


Come and enjoy a wonderful evening of unique and fresh musical entertainment, all overlaid with a large dose of wry humour and very different from anything else you will experience in the UK at the moment.