Live every Tuesday on my video channel from 8pm on

CLICK HERE to view the stream and register for free

(REMEMBER, you have to sign up to Twitch in order to join the chat - follow the instructions below)

How do I watch the stream? 

I'm streaming through a site called Twitch. You can click the link above to watch in your internet browser, or you can download the Twitch app on your phone.

You can view the stream immediately, but if you would like to get more involved and join the chat, first you will need to create an account. Then you can click follow and, if you want, you can subscribe to my channel which will give you priority chat and get rid of the pop up adverts. 


If you have Amazon Prime, you can subscribe for free, by linking your Amazon account, and Amazon will still pay your subscription to me every month without it costing you a penny!

How do I create an account?

On a PC: When you are on the Twitch site, click the 'Sign up' button in the top right. Pick a username and password and put in your email address. You may need to try a few times to find a username that is not already taken.

When you first log in, Twitch may force you to pick different channels or interests. Just click anything to get past this, or come back to this page and click the link at the top of the page to go straight back to my channel.

On phone: If you are accessing the stream via mobile, it is much easier to install and use the Twitch app, rather than the mobile website. When you first install the app you will be prompted to create an account, and may be forced to choose topics/channels that you are interested in. Simply choose anything here, and skip as much as you can. Once you are logged in, you can go directly to my channel with the link above, or by searching for Wild Willy Barrett in the search box.

How do I get involved?

There are 3 things you can do to get involved in the stream. Following, Subscribing and Cheering.

What is following?

Once you are logged in and on my channel, if you hit the follow button at the top of the video, then you will get an email notification inviting you to come and watch any time I do a broadcast.

What is subscribing?

Subscribing allows you to become a member of my channel. It costs £4.99 a month and will mean you won't see any of the usual adverts, and will get priority in the chat when the channel is busy. Special broadcasts might even be Subscribers Only in the chat.

If you have Amazon Prime, you can even do this for free, by linking your Amazon account, and Amazon will still pay your subscription to me every month!

How do I link my Amazon Prime account?

This is called Twitch Prime, and is hidden under a small 'crown' icon in the very top right of your Twitch page. This will prompt you to start a Twitch Prime trial (click on "start your trial"). On the next page  there is an opportunity to "Sign in" or "Try Prime". If you are an Amazon Prime member click the "Sign in" button and then the "Continue" button. Finally, sign in with your Amazon Prime account and this will automatically link you to Twitch Prime.

Once this is done, you can hit the "Subscribe" button on my Twitch page and donate to my stream each month for free! 

What is cheering?

Cheering is a way to send me tips, along with a message that will appear live on the channel.

Cheering uses an Amazon currency called 'bits', with a rough exchange rate of 100 bits to the pound. You can purchase a bundle of bits from Amazon, and then attach one or more of them to a message. This message will appear on screen and I can respond to it live. It's fun!

How do I buy bits?

There is a small diamond- icon on the right-hand side of the chat box. Clicking here will allow you to purchase a bundle of bits.

How do I cheer?

To send a cheer, you just type the word 'cheer' followed immediately by the number of bits (no space), and then your message. The cheer will pop up live on the stream for me and all the viewers to see. This is a great way to get your voice heard, or make a request.

For example, to buy me a pint (3.50) for a song you've enjoyed, type: "cheer350 What a great song! Thanks Willy!"

What do I do if I'm still stuck?

If you have already logged in to Twitch, and the channel is live, come and ask for help in the chat and me, or one of my minions, will be able to help.

If you've not got that far, or the channel is currently offline, send an email to describing your problem, and we'll help you get it sorted.