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I have been fortunate enough throughout my career to have had the support of many people, and now I am seeking help for a very special project on which I am embarking.


Last year, with the backing of my supporters, I completed a successful project making 200 hand sculpted wooden record covers for a 12” vinyl release as part of the 10th anniversary of Record Store Day .


It is now my intention to construct a performance Stage Pod (a sizeable sculpted structure approx 5 mtrs x 4 mtrs in area x 2.5 mtrs high).   I will craft integrally designed musical instruments which will be featured in my proposed Part of the Art touring concerts as well as monthly web based live transmissions from "The Pod." 

Combining my woodworking and musical skills, along with my love of lo-tech mechanical embellishment, I'm aiming to introduce a wholly unique experience to a suspecting public.  All new 'Part of the Art' mp3 recordings will be free to all my patrons prior to a CD release date.


To go it alone would be almost impossible. I need your help in order to get this show on the road, in the air, across the seas, on the web or any other form of media either known or hitherto invented. 

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Thanks for taking the time to read this.  To be a performer without an audience is like a sailboat on a still day. I can build the boat, but it is you, the public who put the wind in the sails.  You are the reason, and you have the key to unlock the potential. If you have ever bought a ticket to see one of my performances, or bought or commissioned a piece of my woodwork, then you have my heartfelt thanks.   I hope to meet you again at one of my future gigs.